Woow finally after a long time, this blog is a bit how I want it to be so yea, my welcome continues:

On this blog I'm busy posting my fan-fic, wich I wrote. It's about a girl named Sarah, and she meets her favorite tennisplayer Feliciano Lopez

Besos Muchos

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2nd chappie ;)

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Chapter two :

I finally reached the house of my closest friend, appearantly she already noticed me on the driveway because she swung open the frontdoor, just when I was about to ring the bell.
"Sarah, you're a gift from heaven girl!!" she said enthusiast.
The way she greeted me made me feel warm inside, it always feels good to know you have friends where you can count on. I did wonder why she was so enthusiastic that I was here and tried to remember if I forgot something but I couldn't remember anything. ‘What?? What did I forget, please don't let it be anything bad!!' Was all I could think of.
"Hey Liz, nice to see you too though you seem a little bit stressed chica" I said to her and walked behind her to her room.
Her real name isn't Liz, but she can't stand the name Elizabeth. She is only named in that way when somebody is really angry at her.
"Please tell me you're kidding Sarah!" she said and looked at me with a worried look in her eyes.
"What did I forget Liz? Is it a stupid test or something?" at the moment I said that I knew my joke wasn't just a joke, it was real, I had a test, not just a test, we had a biology exam tomorrow.
"Oh God, I'm so dead tomorrow" was all I could say and I realized this was going to be nightwork.
Liz didn't knew what to do either, she hoped I could help her with her biology because it wasn't her best subject at all, now she knew she had to help me as good as she could.
"Come on, we'll start!! You can still get a good mark Sarah, you're good at biology" she tried to cheer me up, and got her books open at the right pages.
In my heart I knew she was right, but I just couldn't focus. I knew I had to hold on just this night and then I could do whatever I wanted, I would have the winterholiday and I would have time to play tennis again. ‘Just this day Sarah, then you have time to dream of tennis again, and watch it, play it whatever You want.'
I opened one of her books too and started reading, I sighed relieved when I saw what the subject of the exam would be and thought by myself: 'It can still be OK, just focus this isn't a hard subject'.
Liz and I started learning and after three hours I controlled the stuff we had to know pretty well, Liz asked me a few questions and I could answer most of them pretty easy.
I took a look outside and I saw the tenniscourt Liz and her parents owned. Liz's parents are pretty rich and they own the tennis academy of this city, I often play with her brother Daniel, he's the champion of this city. Well from the boys then, cuz if he had to play against me I would wipe him of the court!!, I don't know we can both play very good actually it would be a difficult match if we had to play against each other someday.
"Hello, back to earth to Sarah" Liz said while she started to laugh. ‘Liz, Don't ever wake me up from my tennisdreams again!!'
"Hu what did you ask??" I asked a bit confused because I dream away every single time I think of the upcoming tournament which will start in the city Rotterdam next week. I have begged my mum to let me go there for several times but she still doesn't want me to go there, she's afraid that something bad will happen to me when I am about to meet my two idols Rafael Nadal and Feliciano Lopez.
"It's already dark for more then an hour Sarah, mum just yelled to us that you're mother is on the phone" and she pointed at the phone that lay on her desk.
"Oh thanks" I grabbed the phone and laughed a bit because I was so far away in my tennisdreams that I haven't heard anything that happened.

"Hey mum" I said and expected the worse.
"Sarah, where are you? You dissapointed me girl, you promised to be home before darkness fell, Remember??" she said with a sad sound in her voice. I would've prefered it when she shouted at me then hearing the dissapointment in her voice.
"I'm so sorry mum, I realized I had to study for my biology exam for tomorrow I did it with Liz because I had to explain her a few things and before we noticed it was dark" I hoped she didn't take it too hard. ‘I didn't want to worry you mum, I never want that'
My mum can be the best, but sometimes she can be so angry for nothing, I hoped this time she would understand it and not be too angry at me.
"It's ok honey, don't worry. Liz's mother said everything was OK, you can stay the night with Liz and honey?" she said, I waited till she finished her sentence, "Good luck with your exam tomorrow"
"Thanks mum, you're the best, goodnight, kisses" I said and we hung up.

"Well I think we've studied enough for today, and I think we'll get a good mark girl!" Liz said and she threw all her books in the corner of her room.
"Come on let's make you're room ready, and stop dreaming like that Sarah" Liz said and laughed, when I heard her laughing I couldn't help it but I started laughing too. In the end we had pain in our stomach and I said to Liz: "We have to stop laughin, my stomach hurts too bad"
That made Liz laugh even more and it took a couple of minutes before we could stop.
"Sarah you're too funny" Liz said with a huge smile. I grinned and we walked to the guestroom to see if everything was ready. We only had to make up the bed and after that I felt so tired that I decided to go to my bed immediately. Liz got off too and after we said goodnight I changed my clothes for a XL-tennisshirt and as soon as my head lay on the pillow I was asleep.

First chappie of my fan-fic

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After a long day which I spend working in the hotel my mum finally gave me permition to visit my best friend.
"Oh Darling" she yelled to me while I went to the hall to get my coat.
"Yes mum, What's up??" I asked her a bit unfriendly because I was exhausted.
"Be home before darkness falls" and my mum looked me straight in my eyes. "You know why honey".
"Yes mum, I'll try to make it before it will get dark, bye!!" I sighed and thought back of the night my daddy died.

"Sweetie, Come on we have to hurry up the players can't wait for us to start the match" my father said to me impatiently. My dad had bought two tickets for my b-day for the tournament in Rotterdam. I was so young when it happened, but my love for tennis was in these days already very big.
"I know daddy, but can't we go walking?" I asked my dad.
In that time I was afraid of cars because my doggy was hit by a car and it died a few days after it.
I was only 8 years old when we got the car accident, but I can remember the day as if it happened a few days ago, a horrible feeling goes through my body and I notice a few tears coming up in my eyes. My flashback continued:
"No Sarah, we're late we have to take the car, I promise you nothing will happen honey" my daddy said and he tried to calm me down.
"Your daddy will be careful honey don't worry, and you want to see the tennis right??" my mum said too.
I thought that if my dad and mum both said it couldn't do any harm to go by car it was OK, and I stepped into the car. I saw my mummy kissing my daddy and I smiled. Then my daddy stepped into the car and we drove to the tournament building.
When we arrived at the car park my daddy wanted to park his car, he looked behind him to see if he wouldn't hit another car. Then all out of nothing a truck appeared.
"Daddy, watch out!!!" I screamed, the last thing I can remember of that night is my daddy with his frightened face and him saying: "I love you darling"to me. After that everything is one black hole in my mind.

I woke up from my memory's and I saw I was already in the sports park. I put back a string of hair behind my ear and I felt my face was all wet of tears. I realized I had been crying without notice. Daddy why did you have to go by car? It wouldn't have happened if you weren't so stubborn was all I could think, but I knew it wasn't this simple.

It was a walk of a quarter to my friends house and the fresh air did good to me, I felt new energy coming up inside of me and I could even smile a little. I remembered that I said to myself: Enjoy this night of Sarah, you deserve it and I decided not to think about that night anymore tonight. When I looked around me I saw a couple sitting on a seat holding each others hand and it gave me the strong desire to have someone like that. I don't have a boyfriend, my friends say there are some boys who like me, but when I have to say it myself, I think I'm to obsessed with tennis to think about boyfriends.